About Us

About Us

About Us

The aim of this practice is to maintain a high standard of patient care and to look after your medical needs on a long term basis. We believe developing a strong, ongoing relationship with your doctor within a family practice does produce better long-term health outcomes.

History of Ferny Fair Medical Centre –

Dr David Ellis joined the practice in 1981.

Dr Robert Sweeney joined in 1983 and worked until 1992 when he moved to New Zealand.

Dr Conrad Yoong joined the practice in July 1992.

Dr Susan Woods joined the practice in 2002 after closing her own practice on Ferny Way.

In 1981 the practice moved from Nurom Avenue to 170 Patricks Road, Ferny Hills and was situated where the real estate is now.

In 2002 the surgery relocated to the new construction where we are now located.

The practice manager Pauline Williams was with the practice from 13th April, 1979 until the 26th February, 2014.

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