Prescriptions & Referrals


The doctor provides you with repeat prescriptions to see you through to the next time they would like to see you for a review.  In an emergency, you may order a script over the phone for a $10 fee, to see you through, until you can get in to see the doctor.  Please note we require 24 hours to write scripts over the phone.  Scripts requested over the phone are only provided to see you through to your next appointment and should only be requested if urgent, not as a replacement for a doctor visit.  Please call to book 2 weeks before your scripts run out, so we have time to book you in.  Please call after 9.30am to request scripts as we receive a high volume of calls early in the day.


Follow-up referrals for specialists are required each year.  You should book in to see your doctor for these referrals, so they can provide the specialist with a current update on your condition.  In an emergency a referral can be provided over the phone, but this is not ideal.